Custom   Diecut   Griptape

We take your design and create a steel rule die. We use a press to stamp the design into the surface of the griptape. When applying the griptape, you can choose to pop out the griptape pieces, or leave them in. This is a great way to advertise your brand with a high quality product at a great price.


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  • Wholesale perforated griptape
  • Custom griptape die
  • Diecut griptape example
  • Custom griptape grit

Griptape   Specifications

Our premium griptape consists of silicon carbide grit adhered to a waterproof polymer. We add micro perforations to minimize air bubbles. Our stock program consists of 9" x 33" or 10" x 43" sheets of black griptape packed 50 per box. This program has the fastest turnaround and the lowest minimums. For more options, we offer a build to order program. The minimums are higher, and the turnaround is longer for this program.


Last Touches

Preparing Your Artwork

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Fine   Print

Make sure your art will fit inside the 4" square, and that it's fairly simple (minimize the amount of cut lines). Most sharp edges and fine details won't hold up in the cutting process. A minimum of 1/8 inch is required between cut-lines.

After your graphic is prepared (with a white stroke to indicate cut-lines), place it on the griptape shape in the template to indicate placement.

Download The Griptape Template


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I order custom diecut griptape?

    Go to the order page and submit the order form. Use the file uploader (in the order section) or email the graphic to your rep. You can also email

  • How do I get a sample?

    Go to the pricelist section of the Point Distribution website. Once you have registered, you'll be able to order the hardgoods sample pack.

  • Do you accept international orders?

    A large part of our business is International. The shipping for International orders is the most difficult part of the transaction. We can ship using UPS for smaller orders but recommend using a freight forwarder for larger orders. Freight forwarders can ship via ocean freight. Ocean freight costs less but is also much slower.  The buyer is responsible for setting up an account with the freight forwarder to handle this type of shipping.  Shipping terms are ExWorks.  Definition of 'Freight Forwarder'.

  • Do you sell to the public?

    We only sell business to business.

  • Do you create art?

    Our sales reps are skilled at creating art. If your artwork needs some modification we can help. If it is an extensive project we have professional artists that we can refer you to.

  • What is your turnaround time?

    If you have an existing die on hand we usually turn orders around in a few days or less, if it is a new design; 2 or 3 weeks. Seasonality and product availability can change these estimates. Check with your rep for actual timelines.

  • What is your minimum order?

    100 sheets per order

  • What is about? is a division of Point Distribution Inc. Point Distribution Inc is a custom skateboard products manufacturing company.

  • What is your contact info?
    Point Distribution Inc*
    3050 Westwood drive #a17
    Las Vegas, NV 89109

    *We do not accept visitors without an appointment. Please contact a rep to set-up an appointment if you want to visit.


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Ordering Your Griptape

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For instant access to our pricelist/orderform complete the information below. Please note that we only sell business to business.